Our mission is to help families, schools, professionals, agencies and communities understand autism, promote the well-being of individuals with autism, and foster their inclusion in the community.


Autism Waiver Program - Open Enrollment!

The Massachusetts Children's Autism Waiver is a program for young children. In Western Massachusetts, the program is facilitated by Community Resources for People with Autism.

There is an annual Open Enrollment period in the fall - this year, the dates applications will be accepted are October 17, 2016 - October 31, 2016. 

Click here for more information on Open Enrollment.

Click here to apply for the Autism Waiver Program.


Looking for help: Autism Waiver Program

Our Autism Waiver Brokers here at Community Resources for People with Autism are continuously seeking professionals to apply for a variety of roles within the Waiver Program. Please click here for more information or click here to view the application






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